Father Perspectives

Fathers of children with haemophilia.






Father perspectives

Father of an eight-year-old child with haemophilia:

Parents must treat the condition as a team, as with any other difficulty involved in bringing up a child. We take into account our child’s haemophilia, just like all the other daily problems that go with having children.

Father of a nine-year-old with haemophilia:

For us parents, a special difficulty associated with the disease comes up regularly: How can we give our child self-confidence while still keeping him alert to the risks of many physical activities?

Father of a nine-year-old child with haemophilia:

Sure, there’ll be hard times, for them and for you, too. But keep a level head, don’t wrap your child in cotton wool. You have to live and talk normally.

Father of a seven-year-old child with haemophilia:

We have always dealt with the haemophilia together. We have thought from the beginning that our son’s condition is a part of our family life, just in the same way as our first child, who doesn't have haemophilia.

Father of a nine-year-old with haemophilia:

When each school year begins time is needed for the teacher of the class to become aware of the possible consequences of some events which would normally be considered unimportant.

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